Travelling to California

Travelling to California, adopting a Californian lifestyle, in other words, a cool lifestyle: it makes you dream, on this page you will find all the articles that tell the story of these trips to the Golden State made since 2012. Click on the links below the images to read the corresponding article.

California deserves a trip on its own, you don’t “make California” by going 1 day to San Francisco and 2 days to LA: there is a lot to discover there. I hope these articles will make you want to go even more, California is over-represented in American movies and series, and yet there are lesser-known corners that also deserve a little time – I think of Anza Borrego, or the north with the Redwoods.

Have a good discovery, and think about adding a little word on your blog or come back and post a comment under the article if you use the blog to prepare your trip, it’s always a pleasure!